How to Unboot Pen Drive?

September 14, 2019
How to unboot Pen Drive?

Pendrive is bootable to install the operating system on the computer at any time, or whenever necessary. Once it is done, it's needs to get back to normal.

But many people do not know how to unboot this bootable pen drive. There are several ways to normalize the bootable pen drive. However, the easiest way to do this is to use Windows Command Promot to unboot it.

So let's not know how to unblock this pen drive.

To unboot the pen drive, you must first connect it to the PC. Then click on 'Command Prompt' from the computer menu and select 'Run as Administrator'.

And if "Command Prompt" is not found directly here, you can find it by going to the search option by typing 'cmd'. Then there will be a black window where you will have to follow the following steps step by step and press the Enter button.

1. Diskpart
2. list disk (After giving this command, a list of the different types of storage on the computer will be displayed and the number will be 1,3,2… next to each one.
3. Select disk X (the X will be replaced with the previous one found in the previous step).
4. clean
5. create partition primary
6. active
7. Format fs = NTFS quick (if Pendrive is older technology write fat32 in place of NTFS)
8. assign
9. Exit

If all the commands are given correctly, all the information inside the pen drive will be deleted and it will be used again for normal operation. Then why delay? Try now at home.

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