All new iPhones can have 5G | TechsamirBD

July 31, 2019
All new iPhones can have 5G | TechsamirBD

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says 5G will support 5G in three new iPhone models by 2020. The company may bring three new iPhones next year.

The magnitude of the 5G network is rapidly increasing worldwide. And with it the number of 5G smartphones is increasing in the market. Many people are expecting that 5G support will be brought to the iPhone next year. This time, Ming-Chi Kuo has given his opinion. He has a reputation for giving accurate information about Apple.

Kuo said earlier last month that Apple will bring three new iPhones next year. Of these, there will be 5G support in the 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch models. And the new version of the iPhone X R with a 6.1-inch screen will have only LTE network support. The new iPhone will be replaced by 5G, according to Kuo - news technology site Verge.

Kuo said, "Apple's ability to build a 5G iPhone has grown even more after buying Intel's baseband business", as well as the price of Android 3G phones.

Apple recently acquired the majority of Intel's modem business for $ 1 million. One day after this, Kuo announced this with the 5G iPhone.

Kuo added that most Android phones will have 5G of sub-6GHz version, whereas the MMWave version would have been much faster.

"The point here is that consumers will think that 5G will become an emergency function in 2020. Because of this, Apple will sell 5G mobiles at a higher price, considering the interest of mobile service providers and customers. ”

Kuo added that consumers would like to pay a bit more price to take advantage of Apple's wider 5G network.

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