Some tips for video graphing by Mobile camera

June 09, 2019

Some tips for video graphing by Mobile camera

Mobile phone cameras are quite standard day-to-day, even with the mid-range budget mobile cameras can be seen in good cameras. You can record a good video of rough quality if you know how you're going to record. Today we will discuss how to make proper videos with a mobile phone that can play an important role in online marketing:

First of all, we need a device that is a tripod

Tripod is a kind of mobile phone camera holder that keeps the mobile phone camera stable. If the video quality is good, then the camera must be careful not to move or to have a fixed position.

We also need an ultra microphone in the video field to play a more important role in noise or sound. If you do not want to buy an extra time microphone then you can use your mobile headphone microphone. This will reduce the noise of your video. While holding the video, the surrounding sound should not be mixed with sound or video of your video.

Then it will need to have a good light condition. That is, if you shoot out of your house or shoot in the light of day, then there will be no problem if you choose a good background.

Inside the house means you need to keep a look at the lighting issue. If the condition of the light is not good then the quality of the video can become quite bad. The lighting condition or lighting position plays a more important role in the video. Before starting the video record with the mobile phone, you should keep an eye on a few more things:

1. Mobile phone camera does not have any dust or dirt, you have to clean it.

2. Second, silent the mobile phone so that when you do video, the sound related to the video is recorded on the mobile phone only.

3. What we need is a good use camera app. Professional camera app that you will get from Google Play Store. Below are some of the names of the apps we mentioned to you.

- Open camera

- filmic pro

- footage camera

Before starting recording, we have to check the settings of our camera.

Do you want to record the video in any resolution?

HD is not what the FHD?

How much is your camera's seam rate?

#ISO How would you like?

As you know, the ISO is as low as the video quality will be good and the video will reduce the amount of noise.

Mobile rate of video can be well captured by frame rate, standard 25 records

Then we will talk about White Balance;

White Balance allows you to control how much natural your presentation is. Take a look at the white balance setting of your camera app, which is what suits your object.

The discussion will be followed by focus mode

If you want to shoot your face or someone else's fiasco as an object in the camera, then focus on the Focus Mood on a Facing Detection. If the object is not moving when it is a steel object, then touch on focus.

If you look at all these topics, you can take good quality video on mobile phones.

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