Nokia 2.2 Review with Full Specification | TechsamirBD | নোকিয়া ২.২ রিভিও জেনে নিন !

June 12, 2019

Nokia 2.2 Review with Full Specification | TechsamirBD | নোকিয়া ২.২ রিভিও জেনে নিন !

Nokia 2.2 Review with Full Specification | TechsamirBD | নোকিয়া ২.২ রিভিও জেনে নিন !

Nokia 2.2 Review with Full Specification | TechsamirBD | নোকিয়া ২.২ রিভিও জেনে নিন !

Nokia 2.2 Review with Full Specification | TechsamirBD | নোকিয়া ২.২ রিভিও জেনে নিন !

Nokia 2.2 Review with Full Specification | TechsamirBD | নোকিয়া ২.২ রিভিও জেনে নিন !

Nokia 2.2 Review with Full Specification | TechsamirBD | নোকিয়া ২.২ রিভিও জেনে নিন !
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Backlinks A_2_Z | Building Free Backlinks 2019

June 10, 2019

Backlinks A_2_Z | Building Free Backlinks 2019

What is Backlink Backlinks?
We all know less about SEO, and those who do not know how easy it is to use Google's ranking rules or methods, SEO is a big part of this SEO, backlinks, backlinks, and easy speaking, backlink is a External Link Building Technique (External Link) that gets your site from another website, much like referrals.

Why Backlinks Backlinks On The Website?
Backlinks are created for websites for three reasons.
1. To increase website authorization (DA).
2. To make a rank in search engine.
3. For getting more visitors.

Suppose website authority or DA is a big site such as Facebook, you are one of them

When backlink builds backlinks, your website authority or DA will increase, due to which your website will rank with search engines. When the website is ranked
Visitors will grow faster.

Backlinks Type:
Backlinks mainly do two types follow and no follow.
Backlinks A_2_Z | Building Free Backlinks 2019

1.Do follow backlink

Duffalo Backlink is a simple HTML link. Through which the link will refer directly to your site and the blog or post will support this link. Doflow Backlink is the most powerful link. For example, I'm presenting a site's Duflow Backlink with a simple HTML source code link.
<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”dofollow”>Google Website</a>

2.No follow backlink

No-follow backlink is a link through which the website prohibits search engine from croning / indexing its published backlink. However, some visitors can get through this. For example, I'm presenting a site's nofollow backlink with a simple HTML source code link.
<a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>Google Website</a>

How To Make Backlinks Backlinks In Free

You understand that it is not easy to get a good quality backlink. For this you have to have some qualities on your site. Such as:
Your site should be a technical error-free.

Here is the technical error:

  • Site loading speed problem
  • Mobile friendliness problem
  • Duplicate content
  • 404 errors
  • Canonical errors
  • Duplicate Metadata

  1. Your site must be design and architecturally user friendly.
  2. So that a user can easily navigate your site.
  3. Your site's content must be of good quality. It is very important.
  4. Because your content is good, other users will get your content page
  5. Share, reach out to everyone.
  6. And in this way you will be seen by others and your page is related to other relatives
  7. Give backlink from the page.

Hopefully I have been able to convince you of backlink from the discussions of the subcontinent.
In the future, I will try to create backlinks, that is, to discuss the different ways to create Backlink.
Everyone will be fine. And do not forget to share if you like the post. thanks to everyone.

What is Backlink? How it Works See Details | TechsamirBD

June 10, 2019

What is Backlink? How it Works See Details

The first condition for those who want to earn money through online web site or blog is the visitor. And the first condition for bringing the visitor is to search engine optimization and to stay in good position with search engine optimization. Backlink here is wrong with the backlink, say quality backlinks.

What is backlinks?

Backlinks is a link to your site that will be displayed on any other site, ie your link published on other sites is called backlink. Backlink is the main tool to increase the page rank of a web site.

Backlink was able to understand what is the quality backlink?

Quality Backlink is a related backlink that means if you have created a blog about health, then links to health-related sites are called quality backlinks. The amount of 100 backlinks that work will work in 1 quality backlink.
Many people do not understand that they are giving backlink to their site, so that the backlinks of the hill can be upheld, but the search engines drop the list of sites listed in the spamming list. So focus on creating Quality Backlink.
Backlink is generally of two types depending on the type. The following is given-

1, do-follow backlink

2 no-follow backlink

Do-follow backlinks and no-follow backlinks will be discussed. But keep in mind the initial conditions Du-Phlo Backlink is most effective.

Backlink Software: 
Many people use such software to increase their site backlink. Unassigned or similar spamming control software will easily capture it and when your link and IP repeatedly captures its robot spam comment, then your links and IPs will be listed in the spam link. So be careful.
Create relationships with different webmasters, play an active role in the forums, create links in astrological marketing and comment on the related sites so that you can get the benefits of SEO permanently:

Special Drops: Spamming Black Haat SEO Stop It From Your Blog It's very hard to delete the blog once you like it.


Backlinks play an important role in search engine optimization. In the search engine algorithm, backlink is seen as the second site's recession. Google's web page ranking is evaluated by calculating backlinks. So backlink management has become popular with Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Best 6 Gaming Mobile For You | TechsamirBd

June 09, 2019

Best 6 Gaming Mobile For You | TechsamirBd

Once upon a time, gaming was an extra burden for smartphones. As a result of gaming, there is always a problem with the phone's battery, work capacity or other parts. But with the powerful processors as well as smart mobile chips in today's smartphones, smartphones are becoming more and more gaming in the present time. Considering all this, mobile phone companies are constantly bringing the market based on graphics and gameplay to the new design smartphone. Not only this, various gaming mobile games have the ability to compete with any other device such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or Computer.

Gaming has become a key factor in purchasing a new smartphone for customers over the past few years. Even a different trend of smartphones has been launched, keeping in mind the gamers.

Whatever the gaming phone needs to be verified

Gaming or not, your phone's hardware space will certainly verify your phone's good and bad. If you buy the phone, then keep it in mind. Powerful processor and graphics chips, high-quality displays and bigger batteries are essential for your gaming phone. Besides, see how the stereo speakers have the value of the phone body buildup. Good quality audio is always important for gaming. It helps gamer to adapt to the gaming environment.

During the time of gaming, suddenly you noticed that the charges against your phone are on the decline - in that case, Wireless Charging is a very good aspect for you. Besides, large screen phones will require you to drive the game graphics properly on the phone. Phone design and performance must be ensured, since in most cases, long-term gaming phones cause pressure, which can reduce the normal function of the phone. So, you have to know the power of the phone's ability to get it first.

The best 6 smartphones for gaming

1. Apple iPhone XR
One of the best gaming phones on the strongest Apple A12 Bionic Chip and the great battery is certainly Apple's iPhone XR. There is nothing to say differently about this one of the best smartphone brands in the world. Its wireless charging phone makes it absolutely ideal for the dear people of any game. For some great gaming such as Pazzy or Fortnight, iPhone XR gives you 6.1-inch Liquid Retina LCD display. Exports of X-ray in comparison to other iPhones are at hand. And just like the Play Store, here you are getting all the best game. To tell the truth, the iPhone X is a device that is quite better than any smartphone. Its quality will keep it quite a lot from any contemporary phone. Its attractive design, waterproof body, and other materials make it unique in both smartphones and gaming.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is not the best smartphone for you but it can be the best one gaming device. At present, it is the best phone for gaming on the Google mobile platform. Considering the hardware side, you can not expect anything better than gaming. Powerful mobile chips, super amboland screens with the best quality buildup, extensive RAM and internal storage, as well as great speaker notes are all available in Note no. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset screen is screened at 6.4 inches. Gifting experience is more enjoyable in some areas than Apple due to Infinity Amoled Display. Note that the battery of Nine 4000 microamperes can be charged with battery or any type of cable without charge. At the same time, due to the phone being a water resistor, the customer is on top of the preferred graph.

3. Sony Xperia XA to Ultra
Considering any other mobile gaming phone, Sony Xperia XA to Ultra will get you a very low budget. The price of Samsung Galaxy Note Nine is about $ 300. The middle Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 chipset screen is about 6 inches in this phone. Almost all popular games of the current time are working well on this phone.

The Sony Xperia XA to the ultrator audio quality can give you all the taste inside the game, while there is only one speaker. Its powerful base gamer will stand in front of a different experience. Considering the price, its battery of 3580-microampere capabilities is quite satisfactory. As a smartphone, Sony Xperia Z1 will have a 23 megapixel back camera and 16-megapixel dual-selfie camera. Along with this, Wireless Charging and LCD Display Sony set this set in the list of the best phones of the past year.

4. iPhone X and iPhone X Max
Fourth of the list has retired Apple's iPhone. Like the previous XR, it has been used by Apple's own bionic A12 chip. But the market price of the biggest worry for this phone is. If you do not have any major concerns about the budget then iPhone X or X Max can safely put it in your preferred list. This big version of the iPhone is capable of generating a huge amount of pressure on all types of games of the current time. The 6.5-inch Super Retina OLED display offers gamers a lot of ease while displaying gaming. 64, 256 and 512 GB, with separate storage capacity, this smartphone has a 12-megapixel camera and 7-megapixel selfie camera. Waterproof body, great power battery, the best price is $ 1089.

5. Asus Jolly Android Smartphone
Though Asus is quite nicely in the laptop or computer world, it will be a little behind in the smartphone market. Though the company has kept its name in mind considering the gaming phone, the company has kept it. Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset, 6-inch AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90 Hz and Response Time 1 ml sec and 4000-microampere battery all have the standard gaming phone quality.

Asus has used his computer gaming device experience very well for smartphones. Asus's customization capability of the exceptional aspect of the phone, that is, to the camera, by changing the smartphone of Asus, you can make it easy to continue gaming. Asus will be able to get additional content on this phone only for gaming. Gymmovies for additional control, twinview dock as an additional display and mobile desktop dock for standard gaming. However, it is a great deal, but considering the price, there will be a slight reduction in Asus Jolly Android Smartphone.

6. Razors Phone 2 Android Smartphone
There is always an important aspect for refresh rate gaming. It helps the gamer display a good graphics game. Considering that direction, the razor phone 2 will be ahead from all the sets. Snapdragon 845 chipset has a screen refresh rate of 1,200 Hz, which is also rare in many computers. Response time is only 1 millisecond.

The battery of this 8 GB RAM phone is about 4000 microamperes. In addition, the extraordinary stereo speaker gaming will give different satisfaction to its customer. Because of the 5.7-inch QHD display, it is a little behind other smartphones on the list, but gaming is also known as the smartphones like laptops have earned quite a reputation.

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Some tips for video graphing by Mobile camera

June 09, 2019

Some tips for video graphing by Mobile camera

Mobile phone cameras are quite standard day-to-day, even with the mid-range budget mobile cameras can be seen in good cameras. You can record a good video of rough quality if you know how you're going to record. Today we will discuss how to make proper videos with a mobile phone that can play an important role in online marketing:

First of all, we need a device that is a tripod

Tripod is a kind of mobile phone camera holder that keeps the mobile phone camera stable. If the video quality is good, then the camera must be careful not to move or to have a fixed position.

We also need an ultra microphone in the video field to play a more important role in noise or sound. If you do not want to buy an extra time microphone then you can use your mobile headphone microphone. This will reduce the noise of your video. While holding the video, the surrounding sound should not be mixed with sound or video of your video.

Then it will need to have a good light condition. That is, if you shoot out of your house or shoot in the light of day, then there will be no problem if you choose a good background.

Inside the house means you need to keep a look at the lighting issue. If the condition of the light is not good then the quality of the video can become quite bad. The lighting condition or lighting position plays a more important role in the video. Before starting the video record with the mobile phone, you should keep an eye on a few more things:

1. Mobile phone camera does not have any dust or dirt, you have to clean it.

2. Second, silent the mobile phone so that when you do video, the sound related to the video is recorded on the mobile phone only.

3. What we need is a good use camera app. Professional camera app that you will get from Google Play Store. Below are some of the names of the apps we mentioned to you.

- Open camera

- filmic pro

- footage camera

Before starting recording, we have to check the settings of our camera.

Do you want to record the video in any resolution?

HD is not what the FHD?

How much is your camera's seam rate?

#ISO How would you like?

As you know, the ISO is as low as the video quality will be good and the video will reduce the amount of noise.

Mobile rate of video can be well captured by frame rate, standard 25 records

Then we will talk about White Balance;

White Balance allows you to control how much natural your presentation is. Take a look at the white balance setting of your camera app, which is what suits your object.

The discussion will be followed by focus mode

If you want to shoot your face or someone else's fiasco as an object in the camera, then focus on the Focus Mood on a Facing Detection. If the object is not moving when it is a steel object, then touch on focus.

If you look at all these topics, you can take good quality video on mobile phones.

Triple Camera Phone at Lowest Price in Market | TechsamirBD

June 02, 2019

Triple Camera Phone at Lowest Price in Market | TechsamirBD

L'Infinix new smartphone 'Infinox Smart 3 Plus in the country's market. This mobile phone brand has been leaving for a long time with the new feature-rich smartphone market. In the continuation of this, they have brought Triple Camera 'Infinicity Smart 3 Plus' smartphones.

An incredible phone called 'Infinix Smart 3 Plus', which brings low-cost, good cameras, big nuances, and beautiful designs to the market.

This phone has an Android version of Android 9.0 pi as the operating system. The phone has a 2.0 GHz MediaTek Helio MT 6761 chipset. Its primary triple camera includes 13 megapixel, 2 megapixel, and QVGA camera sensor and Dual LED flash. There are 8-megapixel cameras for the selfie.

32 GB ROM storage with 2 GB RAM 6.2-inch 720p 720p IPS LCD display capacitive display. Android Pie 9.0 has been used on the phone. The phone has a fingerprint sensor and face unlock features for security. Non-removable 3500 mAh battery for long time backup.

Infinox Smart 3 Plus includes 3.5-millimeter audio jack. The headphones that are provided with it are as nice to see and it's sound quality is also great. Its sound quality is also very good. There are more FM radio on this phone, with FM radio recorder.

The market value of the phone has been estimated at Tk 10,590. The phone will be available online in the country's online shop Daraj, Bagdum, or, Rabishop, Trendy-Tracker and Telegram. There are discounts with cash back.

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