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May 06, 2019
SSC Result 2019

This year, 2,135,333 students from 28,682 institutions took the written exams from February 2 to 26.

Of the examinees, 1,700,102 sat for SSC exams under eight general education boards, 310,172 for Dakhil exams under the madrasa board, and 125,059 for vocational exams under the technical education board.
SSC Result 2019 will be published on 06.05.2019 at the official website of Education Board of Bangladesh

Apart from this, SSC Result will be published on ar 12.00 pm at Bangladesh's own website.

How to see the SSC Result 2019?
SSC Examination Results with Number

SSC students have a general question every year, how to see SSC Result 2019. In this post, I will show you all the easy and alternative methods to collect the SSC results 2019. Please read this post carefully because each student wants to quickly collect their results. Follow the procedure below for the SSC result.

Official System (1)
SSC Result 2019
Follow these steps below.

Step # 1: Visit on your browser or by clicking on it.
(After clicking on the image above, the new tab will be open, so go to that tab for the result)

Step # 2: Select SSC / Alim from the "Examination" option.
Step # 3: Select 2019 as your test year.
Step # 4: Now select the name of your board.
Step # 5: Enter your SSC Roll Number and Registration Number in the next two boxes.
Step # 6: Solve security math and press the "Submit" button.
 Step# 7: Show your SSC result.

Result with Board
Dhaka Education Board website:
Comilla Education Board Website:
Chittagong Education Board website:

Rajshahi Education Board Website:
Jessore Education Board website:
Barisal Education Board Website:
Sylhet Education Board website:
Dinajpur Education Board Website:
Madrasa Education Board website:
Technical Education Board website:

Result of viewing results via sms:
Any results can be taken without sms via internet connection. However, if you see results from Teletalk SIM, you will get additional benefits.

My personal experience is that, with Teletalk SIM, very quick reply is found in the results. Because, all the results in the regulatory control of Teletalk. That might be the reason.
However, via SMS AA, results can be obtained from other operators' SIM. However, in some cases the return SMS (sms) is bilabhaba.

Now, to get the results of one test, one can send SMS (sms) from mobile to the rules.

Sms rules for psc results

Sms rules for Ebtedayee (EBT) results
EBT <space> Thana / Upazila Code Number <space> PSC Roll Number

Sms rules for JSC results
JSC <space> 1st three letters of Education Board Name <space> Roll <space> Year

Sms rules for JDC results
JDC <space> MAD <space> Roll <space> Year

SMS rules for SSC results

SSC <space> 1st three letters of Education Board Name <space> Roll <space> Year

Sms rules for the results of Dakhil
DAKHIL <space> MAD <space> Roll <space> Year

Sms rules for HSC results
HSC <space> 1st three letters of Education Board Name <space> Roll <space> Year

Sms rules for alim (alim) results
ALIM <space> MAD <space> Roll <space> Year

The first three letters of each board
Dhaka Board = DHA
Comilla Board = COM
Barisal Board = BAR
Sylhet Board = SYL
Chittagong Board = CHI
Jeshor Board = JES
Rajshahi Board = RAJ
Dinajpur Board = DIN
Madrasha Board = MAD

Technical Board = BTEB

Result with number
Result with the number on the day after the results are published. This allows you to see how many numbers you have received. To get results with numbers, go to the website of the self education board and get the result with roll and registration number.

Above all, the website links are provided on the board. From there pick up your results from your board website.

The rules of viewing psc results through sms
PSC results are displayed through SMS. It is also seen through the website. The way to get the results through SMS is explained above. Let's say the rest.

Website Link:
Resubmission requests can be made after a few days after the results, especially after one day. It has to apply for a specific fee.

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