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May 08, 2019
free antivirus by TechsamirBD

We do not try to save the computer from virus attacks. Use Anti-Virus to spend money. Buy anti-virus and install it. Many people use it instead of replacing various anti-virus antivirus 'trial versions' online. It has become difficult for many types of viruses, malware, spam, scams to protect their PCs. Good antivirus may be the first and powerful tool in this case.

Reve Systems is offering free internet security for TechsamirBD readers on the occasion of Ramadan. It will be available if you download and download a 30-day free trial of any version of antivirus, Internet security or total security from the link on the website of Rev. Antivirus, the website of its own cybersecurity product. May continue until May 31.

In this license of 6 months, the full license of the computer can be used as well as the same license on Android smartphones.

How to get a free license:

- Visit from your computer and download Internet Security.

- Install a 30-Day Free Trial.

- Enter the e-mail ID that you have during the installment, then go to the ID page on the Facebook page of IDTech. Links to pages

- We will share a free license with you in the return message.

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