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May 10, 2019
Wi-Max by TechsamirBD

Those who want to get good gaming and video experience on smartphones, Huawei Wi-Max Phablelet came to Bangladesh's market with new attraction for them.

Huawei, which is known as a phablet of smartphones and tablets, has the new SuperDrive display, bigger battery, powerful RAM with an advanced processor for great performance.

The world's leading technology company, Huawei's Yeh Max Phablet, is now available in the market in Bangladesh. Buy the device from Huawei's approved brand shop on the occasion of the Eid, the excellent headphones and the attractive data bundle offer of Grameenphone will be available as a free gift.

The 7.12-inch Super Large Dudrup display for premium quality video experience. The display has more space, so that screen-to-body ratio is 90 percent.

Phulbatti will also be full HD plus resolution. As a result, a great view of Netflix, youtube or gaming can be found.

About the device, Huawei Consumer Business Group (Bangladesh) Country Director Kelvin Young said, "Large display, due to gaming convenience, the phablet is becoming popular. Those who love to play games, want to get a good experience of watching the video, originally brought the device for them. Hopefully, like our other devices, this phablet will also satisfy customers' expectations. "

The device's design is aesthetic and attractive. The thickness of the slim design of 8.4-millimeter thickness is only 210 grams. Leather Finished Design's Y-MAX Fable Match is Amber Brown and Midnight Black.

This device uses 5000 ml of powerful battery to eliminate the unwanted problem of battery back-up.

To save a lot of things together and get a great performance, 4GB of powerful RAM has been used in Fables. With 128 GB Ram facilities will be there The Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor has a phablet for better performance than low power consumption.

The two phases of the 16 megapixels and 2 megapixel rear cameras have been used to get interesting pictures. There is also an 8-megapixel camera for selfie.

Huawei has been able to buy phablet in all brandShop approved brands. It has been priced at Tk. 6, 999.

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