Want to extend the life of the smartphone?

April 23, 2019


Mobile phones are a useful tool for our daily use. Follow the few things you need to take care of this object.

Let's not know the things ... ..

To keep unused apps:

Unused apps on iPhone or Android mobile will reduce battery life. After the introduction of an app, the habit of keeping it back in the background without having to re-use it again is almost in the middle of everyone. It has to do extra work in the battery. To reduce the pressure on the battery, the unused apps in the background should be closed.

To continue the vibration for notifications:

As the life span of the mobile phone continues to decrease, its effectiveness decreases. Vibration can be turned on for incoming calls or messages. However, due to the continuation of the Vibration Mood for minor types of notifications, the life expectancy of mobile is going to be much faster than the time.

Allowing unnecessary permissions:

There is a need to provide location permissions for raid sharing apps because you need to know the correct location as the user. However, other applications without such apps need to get permission for the location. So there is no need to provide additional permissions for unnecessary or random apps.

Battery drain is due to all the apps:

The battery of the mobile is the most drain. The Guardian reports for Snapchat, Google Maps, Netflix, Amazon and Facebook apps, those who refrain from using Facebook on mobile or using Facebook less on mobile, their mobile battery life costs at least 20 percent less. Because these apps are in the background, the mobile battery costs 30-45 percent more than the requirement.

Keep Mobile under the pillow:

During sleep, accidentally goes down the mobile pillow. This creates the possibility of burning the heat on the mobile. Side by side, the battery life of the cell phone also decreases due to excess heat.

The mobile screen is much brighter:

Many of the mobile screen's brightness is very less. Likewise, many people continue to increase the brightness of the mobile screen more than necessary. Excessive brightness of the screen also damages the mobile as well as the battery.

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