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April 18, 2019
Assalamuulaiqum. Hope you all are well. Let's get you today for the Microsoft Excel 07.10 Bangla Tutorials book.

In the beginning, let's say that if you read this book you will not have to learn Microsoft Excel with money.

Most of us who want to learn Microsoft Excel, who want to learn from Microsoft, need someone to learn, and someone who wants to learn, but the number of interested people to learn is not less. So I came for you to read the Microsoft Excel Bangla Tutorial book, also in Excel 07, 10, 13. Microsoft Excel cannot be finished as it can be done, many of you know about Excel so I have not said much. I will tell you all the important things that you will get in the book and do not mention too much, and in the book are illustrated with each subject (many more topics discussed in the book, download links are given below)

Those who have downloaded the Microsoft Word-07 book, you can tell what this book may be like, who have not downloaded the ward's book, download it now ...

  • Excel BASIC
  • Data related commands
  • Create formula using IF Function Basic and IF Function
  • Learn how to use the IF function and use it with AND
  • The process of creating a complete grade sheet using the IF function
  • The process of creating results using the Lookup Function
  • Time Value of Money Solution
  • What and how to use Goal Seek
  • The process of creating a complete salary sheet
  • Use as Fill Handle
  • How to create a chart?
  • Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcut
  • Use of Freeze Panes
  • Gridlines, Formula Bar, Column Name & Row no. Hide / Unhide
  • How to Sort Data
  • Use of Data Validation
  • Full Tutorial of Conditional Formatting
  • Duplicate Data Find Out System
  • Unit Conversion
  • How to combine the text of two cells
  • Detailed discussion on formula
  • Add, subtract, multiply and share
  • To solve various problems of mathematics through Excel and all Math Formula
  • Work with the Character Code in Excel and learn the Text Function
  • Convert BINARY, DECIMAL, OCTAL & HEXADECIMAL number to Excel
  • Subtotal extract process
  • How to Calculate the Power of Your Home Using Excel IF Function
The rest of the books can be understood by downloading.
The book is about 300 pages and the book is 36MB, because of this. RAR format compressed; Those who can not open the RAR file, they can download the WinRAR software first and get links below

Thank you so much for reading this post. If you like it, do not snap to comment and share ... Actually, your comment is an inspiration for me.  

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