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April 30, 2019
You must have a nice template, that must be SEO friendlymobile-friendlyAdsense ready and fast loading. Let's check out most required free AMP best blogger templates that you can't ignore. I have shared the most popular, best-selling, premium quality APM Blogger templates for your business, eCommerce, company, blog, affiliate marketing sites. Here you will find the fastest loading and Ultra-SEO friendly APM blogger templates featured with rich snippets to identify all parts of your website and are listed in SERP as well.

What is AMP?

AcceleratedMobile Pages (AMP) is a Google initiative that makes a website easy to loading on mobile devices. Sometimes you can see a few pages on Google marked with TE, it's the AMP symbol. These sites are faster than other AMP sites, as loading takes less time. Therefore, every internet user loves fast sites. It also influences SEO, how? You can increase traffic by 30 percent using the Free AMP Blogger template

AMP Touch AMP Blogger Template 2019
Still with the same developer, namely ayudadeblogger, but this time another product, AMP touch, which has the same cool features as the dompi AMP template that I have outlined above.
For performance, it is definitely as cool as AMP dompi, but only with a slightly different design, what are the differences? Just find out for yourself huh.

DEMO                DOWNLOAD

AMPNews Blogger Template 2019
AMPNews is a responsive free blogger template for magazines, news and blog websites. It has many functionalities such as popular posts, labels, drop- down menus, headers, footers, and footers.

DEMO                DOWNLOAD

Blanterde AMP Blogger Template 2019

Blanterde AMP is one of my favorite AMP Blogger Template in this list. It's a unique form that can attract your readers too. It is coded by a professional web developer and the code used by the developer is clean and clean. There is no risk to malware scripts. This Blogger Template has a superb two-column layout design and a beautiful drop-down menu bar. This is a very light AMP Blogger Template, and it can increase the speed of loading your blog. Just download it with the button below and use it on your blog right now.

Siniladom AMP Blogger Template 2019
I put the blogger AMP template named Siniladom by the author, the design that is owned may be quite modern in your eyes with 2 columns 1 right sidebar and 4 column footers at the bottom that add to the magazine impression on this AMP template.
DEMO                DOWNLOAD

AMP dompi AMP Blogger Template 2019
In the 6th position, I placed the AMP template made by which was named AMP dompi.

This AMP template has a myriad of cool features that will spoil every visitor who opens it, the cool thing is that the developer is very friendly. But unfortunately he is an outsider and I am not very good at the language so I cannot explain more about this template.

DEMO                DOWNLOAD

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