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April 17, 2019
VivoV15 and V5 Pro  TechsamirBD

Vivo's 32-megapixel pop-up cellphone camera V15 and V5 Pro smartphones have responded to the market in the country. The two phones in the latest version of the V series have received more customer satisfaction than their expectations, said the multinational Chinese company.

The highest phone of the 32-megapixel pop-up cellphone camera in Bangladesh is V15 Pro and V5. Two phones have artificial intelligence three rear cameras. Customers are impressed by their performance in the dark or in the running. Hyperformance games can be operated on two phones with 6 GB RAM, and overall operations can be easily and easily.

In a press release sent by the news, Vivo Bangladesh said the company had released V15 Pro in the last week of February and discounted the V15 market in the third week of March. The sale target set by the end of April was completed in the first week of April.

In this context, Mr. Vivo Bangladesh's Managing Director Mr. Duke said, we were very optimistic about these two phones. But the response of the subscribers has exceeded our expectations. It proves that Vivo has been able to market the consumers' demand and technology-based technology. This achievement made us more committed to fulfilling the expectations of people.

The V5 Pro is available at 39.990 and the V5 phone is available at 29,990. Micro SD card can be used up to 256 GB on both phones.

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