125 cc pulsar coming in the market

April 17, 2019

Pulsar 125 cc TechsamirBD

Finally, 125 cc pulsars coming to the market. This pulsar picture has recently been published in various automobile blogs in India. It looks like 135 cs LS Pulsar to see the published pictures.

 Like 135 cs, lovely aircon is used in split seats, attractive design exhaust pipe and fuel tank. Popular sports bike pulsar to the youth. As a commuter bike, its pair is fair.

Several models of Pulsar have come to the market till this time. Everyone was at the height of popularity. The new pulsar is coming. This is 125 cc. That's exactly what the market will actually be the lowest of the CCS.

Pulsar was added to the fleet of the motorbike in 2001. Popular series of Pulsar 135, 150, 160, 180, 200, 220 and 400 cc. This is the first time the 125 cc Pulsar. Pulsar motorcycle uses the Bajaj DTS-i engine. Small pulsar BS-Four DTS-i engine is being used.

The name of the new pulsar is named after the LS 135. Pulsar 125 LS. Even though the bike is less than CC, it will be a sports commuter with a psycho-abuser.

According to the Government of India's new Bike Safety policy, 125cci carriers will have to add the combi breaking system. BAJAJ will add the Combined Baking system to Pulsar 125 bike in accordance with that policy.

According to a report by Autocar India, Pulsar 125 will be designed as 135 LS Pulsar. Air cooled single cylinder DTS-engine will have 125 cc Pulsar. Horsepower 13 ps. Tork 10.8 nm.

Small pulsars will be priced at hand. The price will be less than the discount of 125.

Source: Driver Spark

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