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April 29, 2019


The smartphone is now the demand of the era. The smartphone is a mobile computing device.

The way of extinction of feature phones in the popularity of smartphones. Meanwhile, Smartphone's features are constantly updated.
Smartphone manufacturers are coming out with the latest launch of the technology in the market. Smartphone manufacturers are constantly updating the camera, RAM, ROM, memory and battery power.

But now it's a different technology smartphone, which will not be on the phone, but a button. Even the phone cannot be found in any hole and there is no charging point on it.

It's a smartphone with buttons, pores and portable sophisticated technology. The phone has been created by a Chinese smartphone manufacturer named Meizu.

They named it Meiju Zero. Vivo has brought similar technology to the Chinese company as well as the same technology phone market. The name of the phone made by them is Vivo Apex 2015.

Both phones do not have buttons, holes or any ports. The phone does not have two SIM-slots. It does not have any speaker space. Not only that, charging points cannot be found anywhere on the smartphone.

A lot of people wonder about new technology smartphones. In the meantime, the two phones have been lost.
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