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April 29, 2019


Many apps have already introduced the 'Dark Mode' feature to protect user eyes from the bright light of the smartphone. And as of now, the popularity of this feature is increasing. The main reason is that keeping the eyes safe, it also makes the phone battery life lasting.

So far many big apps and operating systems have launched 'Dark Mode' feature on their platform. But if you want you can start this feature in popular mobile apps like YouTube, Facebook Messenger, Twitter now.

Let's take a look at how to turn on 'Dark Mode' in popular 5 mobile apps.

Watching the world's most popular videos, this app launches the use of this dark theme for iOS users in early 2011. YouTube also introduced this feature for the Android version in July 2012. To turn it on iOS go from Settings to Dark Themes. And this option will be available on Android> Settings> General> Dark Theme.

Facebook messenger
Just a few days ago, the option to turn on the messenger in dark mode was added. To launch this dark theme in Messenger, you must first send someone crescent moon emoji. Then you get a prompt to start Dark Mode. It works on both iOS and Android devices. But to turn it on, you must update your messenger app to the latest version.


Twitter has the option to turn on Dark Mode long ago. To turn it on iOS, go to settings from Privacy to Privacy. Now turn on this night mode from the display and sound options. You can also turn on this feature on Twitter after following another method. Click on your profile icon. Then click on the Crescent Moon icon in the bottom left, the feature will be turned on. In the case of Android, the process is almost the same.

The Dark Mode feature has not been introduced in Google Chrome (though it is currently running experimental). But Chrome is such an important app that does not have the option to turn on the dark mode. If you want, you can launch this feature in your Chrome now, but it is only for Android devices. For this, you have to start Simplified Mode first. Tap the three-point icons in the upper right corner of the app. Tap Accessibility from Settings and switch to Simplified View for web page features.

This process still does not work for all websites. But if you are very interested in launching this dark mode in Chrome, you can try it once.

Google Maps
This dark-colored theme on Google Maps is automatically launched on both Android and iOS devices based on day and night. But if you want to use this theme every day, you can also do it. In this case, launch your IOS app first. Tap on the top left Hamburger menu. Tap the Settings icon in the top right and tap the navigation option. Now switch the theme options to Automatic mode in Nike mode. For Android devices, the process of turning on Dark Mode is almost the same.

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