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April 30, 2019
You must have a nice template, that must be SEO friendlymobile-friendlyAdsense ready and fast loading. Let's check out most required free AMP best blogger templates that you can't ignore. I have shared the most popular, best-selling, premium quality APM Blogger templates for your business, eCommerce, company, blog, affiliate marketing sites. Here you will find the fastest loading and Ultra-SEO friendly APM blogger templates featured with rich snippets to identify all parts of your website and are listed in SERP as well.

What is AMP?

AcceleratedMobile Pages (AMP) is a Google initiative that makes a website easy to loading on mobile devices. Sometimes you can see a few pages on Google marked with TE, it's the AMP symbol. These sites are faster than other AMP sites, as loading takes less time. Therefore, every internet user loves fast sites. It also influences SEO, how? You can increase traffic by 30 percent using the Free AMP Blogger template

AMP Touch AMP Blogger Template 2019
Still with the same developer, namely ayudadeblogger, but this time another product, AMP touch, which has the same cool features as the dompi AMP template that I have outlined above.
For performance, it is definitely as cool as AMP dompi, but only with a slightly different design, what are the differences? Just find out for yourself huh.

DEMO                DOWNLOAD

AMPNews Blogger Template 2019
AMPNews is a responsive free blogger template for magazines, news and blog websites. It has many functionalities such as popular posts, labels, drop- down menus, headers, footers, and footers.

DEMO                DOWNLOAD

Blanterde AMP Blogger Template 2019

Blanterde AMP is one of my favorite AMP Blogger Template in this list. It's a unique form that can attract your readers too. It is coded by a professional web developer and the code used by the developer is clean and clean. There is no risk to malware scripts. This Blogger Template has a superb two-column layout design and a beautiful drop-down menu bar. This is a very light AMP Blogger Template, and it can increase the speed of loading your blog. Just download it with the button below and use it on your blog right now.

Siniladom AMP Blogger Template 2019
I put the blogger AMP template named Siniladom by the author, the design that is owned may be quite modern in your eyes with 2 columns 1 right sidebar and 4 column footers at the bottom that add to the magazine impression on this AMP template.
DEMO                DOWNLOAD

AMP dompi AMP Blogger Template 2019
In the 6th position, I placed the AMP template made by which was named AMP dompi.

This AMP template has a myriad of cool features that will spoil every visitor who opens it, the cool thing is that the developer is very friendly. But unfortunately he is an outsider and I am not very good at the language so I cannot explain more about this template.

DEMO                DOWNLOAD

Xiaomi 32 Megapixel Selfie Camera Redmi Y3 Review | TechsamirBD

April 30, 2019

Global Technology Leader Xioami, announced today that the 32-megapixel camera on the Bangladesh market will come with the smartphone Redmi Y 3, which is the first time in the Redmi Y series, the Krio architecture.

"We are very happy to bring this new Redmi Y3 full of 32-megapixel super-cell he cameras, which will give our fans a unique experience of self-evacuation," said Agarwal, Head of Overseas Expression, Xioami, Indian subcontinent. This Redmi Y3 made from a unique Aura prism design is much better than our previous inventions. Driven by Qualcomm Snapdragon 63 and the powerful 4000 mAh battery, this smartphone truly brings new technology to customers 'latest prices'.

The first invented ara design for the Redmi Note 7 series, Redmi Y3, has been added more correctly as Aurora Prisma. Behind the prism-like effects, micro lines and its striking colors will definitely bring a surprise to the market. The phone has Rainforest Corners and Pituiti Nano-Quoting and the phone is protected by Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5, which protects the phone from Splash.

Redmi Y3- 32 Megapixels Super Sleeve
Redmi Y introduces a significant upgrade from the previous phones of the series, Redmi Y3 also has a 32-megapixel cylifed camera which has been set up keeping in mind the content creators today. Sharp, high-resolution, full-HD video with EES done from the cellphone, the 32-megapixel camera can be used in a variety of strategies.

With the help of a super pixel of 1.6 mm, Redmi Y 3's cellphones and videos produce more natural images and create natural images. The screen is a flush which can be activated automatically or automatically, to take a sophisticated light.

Redmi Y 3 32 megapixel camera has a palm shutter mode, which helps the user to easily take the cellphone by displaying the palm of the hand.

Aura Prism Design
It has almost everything to innovate and the most recent version of the Redmi lineup is Aara Design. Redmi Y 3 Aura is designed, but the prism-like effect is displayed in its rear part. Redmi Y 3, complete with an intrinsic micro-line across the entire framework, has come up with something that has never been seen before in this segment.

It has 6.6 inches (15.9cm) HD + dot nunch display and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 with Aurora Design has given this handset a wonderful look. Elegant Blue and Prime Black Color Redmi Y3 customers will really be impressed.

Kryo ™ computing with Snapdragon 632
This is for the first time in the Redmi Y series, with the Snapdragon 63, the Custom Kwality® Krio Core features. The Snapdragon 63 mobile platform has eight KV 250 cores in two clusters of four cores, which are arranged for efficiently handling hardware tasks. With the Adreno ™ 506 GPA capability, the Redmi Y 3 is well-equipped to play modern and visual games.
Redmi Y 3 has 4,000 mAh battery which will give customers the battery life experience for two days, it was only on the Redmi note smartphone before.

Price and availability
3 GB + 32 GB Redmi Y3 will be priced at Rs 14,999 and the price of 4 GB + 64GB is 17,999 taka. The Elegant Blue and Prime Black color smartphones will be available from April 29, 2015, approved on M-Store, Affinity Partners and Retail channels.
The flash cell will start from 2pm on 2 May to reduce taraj dot. It will be available in 3 GB + 32GB Redmi Y3 at Tk 13,599 and 4 GB + 64 GB will be available at Tk 16,599. These discounted customers will get Tk 900 for discounted voucher codes using REDMIY3 and payment of more than 500 taka by making payments from the development app.
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How to Enable Dark Mode on Popular Apps | TechsamirBD

April 29, 2019


Many apps have already introduced the 'Dark Mode' feature to protect user eyes from the bright light of the smartphone. And as of now, the popularity of this feature is increasing. The main reason is that keeping the eyes safe, it also makes the phone battery life lasting.

So far many big apps and operating systems have launched 'Dark Mode' feature on their platform. But if you want you can start this feature in popular mobile apps like YouTube, Facebook Messenger, Twitter now.

Let's take a look at how to turn on 'Dark Mode' in popular 5 mobile apps.

Watching the world's most popular videos, this app launches the use of this dark theme for iOS users in early 2011. YouTube also introduced this feature for the Android version in July 2012. To turn it on iOS go from Settings to Dark Themes. And this option will be available on Android> Settings> General> Dark Theme.

Facebook messenger
Just a few days ago, the option to turn on the messenger in dark mode was added. To launch this dark theme in Messenger, you must first send someone crescent moon emoji. Then you get a prompt to start Dark Mode. It works on both iOS and Android devices. But to turn it on, you must update your messenger app to the latest version.


Twitter has the option to turn on Dark Mode long ago. To turn it on iOS, go to settings from Privacy to Privacy. Now turn on this night mode from the display and sound options. You can also turn on this feature on Twitter after following another method. Click on your profile icon. Then click on the Crescent Moon icon in the bottom left, the feature will be turned on. In the case of Android, the process is almost the same.

The Dark Mode feature has not been introduced in Google Chrome (though it is currently running experimental). But Chrome is such an important app that does not have the option to turn on the dark mode. If you want, you can launch this feature in your Chrome now, but it is only for Android devices. For this, you have to start Simplified Mode first. Tap the three-point icons in the upper right corner of the app. Tap Accessibility from Settings and switch to Simplified View for web page features.

This process still does not work for all websites. But if you are very interested in launching this dark mode in Chrome, you can try it once.

Google Maps
This dark-colored theme on Google Maps is automatically launched on both Android and iOS devices based on day and night. But if you want to use this theme every day, you can also do it. In this case, launch your IOS app first. Tap on the top left Hamburger menu. Tap the Settings icon in the top right and tap the navigation option. Now switch the theme options to Automatic mode in Nike mode. For Android devices, the process of turning on Dark Mode is almost the same.

Different Technology Smartphones No Buttons,Ports and Holes | TechsamirBD | Meizu Zero

April 29, 2019


The smartphone is now the demand of the era. The smartphone is a mobile computing device.

The way of extinction of feature phones in the popularity of smartphones. Meanwhile, Smartphone's features are constantly updated.
Smartphone manufacturers are coming out with the latest launch of the technology in the market. Smartphone manufacturers are constantly updating the camera, RAM, ROM, memory and battery power.

But now it's a different technology smartphone, which will not be on the phone, but a button. Even the phone cannot be found in any hole and there is no charging point on it.

It's a smartphone with buttons, pores and portable sophisticated technology. The phone has been created by a Chinese smartphone manufacturer named Meizu.

They named it Meiju Zero. Vivo has brought similar technology to the Chinese company as well as the same technology phone market. The name of the phone made by them is Vivo Apex 2015.

Both phones do not have buttons, holes or any ports. The phone does not have two SIM-slots. It does not have any speaker space. Not only that, charging points cannot be found anywhere on the smartphone.

A lot of people wonder about new technology smartphones. In the meantime, the two phones have been lost.
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Huawei is the first popup Selfie camera phone coming

April 29, 2019
TechsamirBD Popup Selfie Camre

Huawei is going to be connected to Vivo's Popup Selfie Camera Trend Popup Selfie Camera This phone is called Huawei P Smart Z. The phone will use 16 (aperture eag / 1.8) megapixel camera. The 16-megapixel camera sensor will be a self-camera camera. The information and photos of the phone were leaked.

The phone will have a 6.59-inch full HD display, its resolution is 1080 × 2340 pixels and RS1.59. The full-screen display will be used on the phone, the top will be small bezel. Its popup selfie camera is located on the left side of Vivo Nexus. It will use 4GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage with the Kirin 710 processor. Micro SD card can be increased to 512 GB.
TechsamirBD Popup Selfie Camre

In the market, the phone will come in black, blue and green color. Huawei's first popup cellphone camera can cost 210 euros. The phone will have 4,000mAh battery and the operating system will be Android 9Pi and EMUI 9. It is not yet known when the Huawei P Smart Z will be unveiled.

Free Payoneer Master Card | ফ্রিতে পিওনিয়ার মাস্টার কার্ড হাতে পেলাম ।

April 28, 2019
আস্‌সালামুআলাইকুম বন্ধুরা,আজ আমি অনেক হ্যাপী কারণ অনেক চেষ্টার পর খুব সহজেই পিওনিয়ার এর মাস্টার কার্ড হাতে পেলাম । অনেক দিন থেকেই কার্ডটি নেওয়ার জন্য চেষ্টা করে যাচ্ছিলাম কিন্তু গ্রামে থাকার কারণে কার্ড আসতে সমস্যা হওয়া বার বার ব্যার্থ হয়েছে । অবশেষে ঢাকার একটি এড্রেসে কার্ড অর্ডার করি এবং তাদের দেওয়ার সময়ের ২য় দিনেই কার্ডটি পেয়ে যাই । আমি কার্ডটি অর্ডার করি এর অনুকূলে । তাদের রেফারেন্সে কার্ড একদম ফ্রি পাওয়া সম্ভব হয়েছে । নিচে এসম্পর্কিত একটি ভিডিও প্রকাশ করলাম আশা করি আপনাদের উপকারে লাগবে বিশেষ করে যারা নতুন ফ্রিল্যান্সিং জগতে ঢুকেছেন তাদের উপকারে লাগবে,ইনশাল্লাহ্‌ ।

আরো জানতে ভিজিট করুন এখানে...........

Want to extend the life of the smartphone?

April 23, 2019


Mobile phones are a useful tool for our daily use. Follow the few things you need to take care of this object.

Let's not know the things ... ..

To keep unused apps:

Unused apps on iPhone or Android mobile will reduce battery life. After the introduction of an app, the habit of keeping it back in the background without having to re-use it again is almost in the middle of everyone. It has to do extra work in the battery. To reduce the pressure on the battery, the unused apps in the background should be closed.

To continue the vibration for notifications:

As the life span of the mobile phone continues to decrease, its effectiveness decreases. Vibration can be turned on for incoming calls or messages. However, due to the continuation of the Vibration Mood for minor types of notifications, the life expectancy of mobile is going to be much faster than the time.

Allowing unnecessary permissions:

There is a need to provide location permissions for raid sharing apps because you need to know the correct location as the user. However, other applications without such apps need to get permission for the location. So there is no need to provide additional permissions for unnecessary or random apps.

Battery drain is due to all the apps:

The battery of the mobile is the most drain. The Guardian reports for Snapchat, Google Maps, Netflix, Amazon and Facebook apps, those who refrain from using Facebook on mobile or using Facebook less on mobile, their mobile battery life costs at least 20 percent less. Because these apps are in the background, the mobile battery costs 30-45 percent more than the requirement.

Keep Mobile under the pillow:

During sleep, accidentally goes down the mobile pillow. This creates the possibility of burning the heat on the mobile. Side by side, the battery life of the cell phone also decreases due to excess heat.

The mobile screen is much brighter:

Many of the mobile screen's brightness is very less. Likewise, many people continue to increase the brightness of the mobile screen more than necessary. Excessive brightness of the screen also damages the mobile as well as the battery.

SSC Result Published 2019

April 22, 2019
Moreover, SSC Result 2019 Education Board Result Gov BD. Therefore, On the basis of the Probable time, SSC Result 2019 Publish Date is 2 May 2019 (Probable). Through SSC Exam was started from 1st Feb. After exam end date results will announce two months later. Education Board will be given this year results will give a short time.
SSC Result Published 2019

এস.এস.সি পরীক্ষার রেজাল্ট/ফলাফল সম্পর্কে জানতে জয়েন করুন:
                                                  Education Board

Important news of SSC exam result:

In SSC Result 2018 (Secondary School Certificate) a total of 16,27,378 students appeared in the SSC and equivalent exams across the country under eight education boards. The Pass Rate is 77.77% and total 1,10,629 Students got  GPA-5 . So, Lets check SSC result 2018 for all schools across the country.
Through, this year SSC exam took the delay take more times to done the exams. It’s happening for unexpected situations of Bangladesh from January. SSC exams take to done more than two months.
There is total three General groups education and Madrasha system has taken the exams. Every general system groups have total 9 subjects with optional subjects.
The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Exam result will announce for eight Education Boards in Bangladesh at the same time. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh disclose it and Education Ministry will be Publish thought media at 10:00 am. Every board ssc and equivalent results published same time.
All Education Boards Results of SSC, Dakhil, DIBS and equivalent exams Bangladesh will give on their official websites as well. But students can check it from the same place which is given by Education Board Result Bangladesh under the Board of Intermediates and Secondary Education. Such as:-

 [SSC Result Publish Date is 2 May 2019 Probable]

Students and Guardian of candidates will get the result of Secondary School Certificate and Equivalent after 12:00 pm at School. Results will be visible at website after 2:00 pm.

Bangladesh Education Board Result – SSC Result 2019

  • Dhaka Education Board SSC Result
  • Rajshahi Education Board SSC Result
  • Chittagong Education Board SSC Result
  • Jessore Education Board SSC Result
  • Sylhet Education Board SSC Result
  • Dinajpur Education Board SSC Result
  • Barisal Education Board ssc result
  • Madrasah Education Board Dakhil Result
  • And Technical Education Board SSC Exam Result

How to get your SSC Result 2019 via Mobile Phone SMS?

Consequently, Anyone can check SSC Exam Result 2019 though the message from the personal phone by write the message and send to below way. Thus, there are only need to give Exam name, Board Name, Roll Number and Exam Year Name.
Write a Message: SSC – Space – First 3 Letter of your Board – Roll Number – Space – Passing Year and send to 16222
Example: SSC DHA 364852 2019 and send to 16222

Education Board Code Name for SMS:

Education Board Result 2019 Bangladesh

SSC Result 2019 Dhaka Education Board

Dhaka Board Students are searching Dhaka Board Result 2019. It is better to Search your SSC Result 2019 from your Education Board Website []. If you want to Search your Result with Full details or Mark Sheet you can follow your Dhaka Board Result Official Website Students and Guardians may also find your Dhaka Board SSC result from Mobile Phone SMS system.

SSC Result Barisal Education Board

Students are searching Barisal Board Result. It is better to Search your Result from your Education Board Website []. If you want to Search your Result with Full details or Mark Sheet you can follow your Barisal Board Result Official Website Students and Guardians may also find your Barisal Board SSC Result from Mobile Phone SMS system.

SSC Result Sylhet Education Board

Students are searching Sylhet Board Result. It is better to Search your Result from your Education Board Website []. If you want to Search your Result with Full details or Mark Sheet you can follow your Sylhet Board Result Official Website Students and Guardians may also find your Sylhet Board SSC Result from Mobile Phone SMS system.
SSC Result Comilla Education Board
There are several ways to Search and Find your SSC and equivalent exam result for Comilla Board. Moreover, Many Students under Comilla Education Board give the Secondary School Certificate Exam. They are wanted to check their SSC Exam Result with Marks Sheet from The Comilla Board Result officially is given the result from education board results.
Jessore Education Board Result for Secondary School Certificate Exam (SSC) is available online here. Jessore Board students can able to download the result from online as well as via SMS. Jossore Board official website –
The Board of Secondary Education, Chittagong an autonomous organization, mainly responsible for holding S.S.C Exam Result & HSC result 2019. So, providing recognition to the newly established non-government educational institutions.
The Board of Secondary Education, Rajshahi, started its operation in the year 1961. Additionally, SSC Result Rajshahi Board will publish in here. Consequently, The Board is responsible for organization, regulation, supervision, control, and development of Secondary education, holding public examinations Result (S.S.C. and H.S.C. examinations) holding control on the secondary and higher secondary institution and promotion of the interest of students and teachers in a healthy academic atmosphere. So, more news Official website:

SSC Exam Result Dinajpur Education Board

The Board of Secondary Education, Dinajpur started its operation in 2006. Previously, this education board was within Rajshahi Education Board. It is an independent organization, responsible for the organization, regulation, supervision, control, and development of Secondary level public examination. SSC Result 2019 publish date under Dinajpur Board will be available in our website.
Click Here For Result

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