'Talpata' made in Bangladesh ! দেশীয় ল্যাপটপ ”তালপাতা”

March 13, 2019


Last year, two models of Talpata brand laptops were adopted by Datsumph System Limited.

Last year, commercial production was supposed to start, but the company could not do it. Meanwhile, due to the availability of one thousand laptops, the company will start supplying the Talpata brand laptop until April. These two models of laptops were made by Datsoft, 'Talpata K' and 'Talpata B'.

Production and additions will be made at Datsaf Factory, Kaliakoir, Gazipur city of Bangabandhu High City. Managing Director of Detroit System Limited, Mahbub Zaman, said, "We started experimental and usable laptops last year. After receiving different opinions from them, they were further researched and improved.

But ultimately we can not go to the final production. Asked if Datsoft could not produce, he said, "In fact, large-scale investments are required to produce and combine."

Equipment set up, skilled workers are required. Everything took time to match. Two companies have been asked to create a company's computer. For other business use.

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