Xiaomi New Fast Charger

March 27, 2019

The new fast-charger has been built by Chinese firm Xiaomi, a Chinese firm. This charger can charge a smartphone with 100 watts of power.

Xiaomi  Redmi Brand General Manager LU Weiboing posted a video of this charger in Chinese social media Weibo. It has been found that a smartphone of zero 4000 mAh battery is charging 100 percent for just 17 minutes.

According to the technology site report, most of the time, the fastest charger was Oppo Vooc. The charger took 17 minutes to charge 65 percent of the 3400 million battery.

Xiaomi did not give any details about how new fast-charging technology works. Type-C connectors already have the power to take 100 watts. But supplying it to small batteries is a challenge.

The 3400 mAh battery is divided into two separate 1700 mAh battery cells, this is done by Super Vir Chucker.

There is no confirmation of whether this new smart charging technology will be used on a smartphone in Xiaomi.

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