That's 8 reasons why Android is better than iPhone

February 10, 2019

Like Windows or Mac? This debate has continued since the beginning of the twenty-first century. In the net, there will be a lot of debate and debate about the good and bad of these two operating systems. But there will never be any decision anywhere. Because, like Windows or Mac, this calculation cannot be done in general. It depends on your needs and purchasing power.
n the evolution of time and the advancement of technology, Windows vs. Mac War has added to the iPhone vs. Android debate. In many blogs, Social Networks are often seen in war on Facebook, among the fans of this Android and iPhone. This debate will never end. Because, it depends on the person to change. For some of them iPhone is better. For some, Android is a good one

Why not buy any Apple products, Apple will get you hooked up with built-in storage. If you buy an iPhone, you have to choose one of 16 GB or 32 GB. But most of the Android devices did not give you this barrier. Although the trend of build-in storage has increased in recent times, most of the popular devices have additional memory card slots which can be increased to 32 or 64 GB.
Maybe the question is, buying 32 GB of iPhone while buying is a problem. What is the need to behind the iPhone? Then say, buying a 4 GB internal storage phone costs 32GB of memory, the cost difference between iPhone 16 GB and 32GB unit is much more than that!
So, because of the possibility of expandable storage capacities, Android is pushing the iPhone behind.

It sounds ridiculous but this is actually correct. Apple has made their own Maps facility with iOS 5 or iPhone 5. This has been done as a stepping stone to sever ties with Google. But Apple Maps has become so unrealistic that Apple has been facing much criticism in international media.It is seen that the open ground is being shown in the hospital and the railway station on the river! The situation is so bad that Apple CEO Tim Cook has officially apologized to Apple users on the Apple website
Interestingly, Apple has suggested to use Nokia or Google Maps again in that paper. But with an Android handset signing in to Google Account, you will get the world's most real maps on your device.
Although these Google Maps can be added to the iPhone, by default, this is not the benefit of the Business Insider One is considering the iPhone's weaknesses. And so we think the Android platform is ahead. (Google Maps and Android both but under Google!)

Open words are not meant to be directly open, but applications and games are meant to be easier for developers in the Android ecosystem. Usually Apple publishes any application that reviews itself in the application store. This method may take several weeks. On the other hand, Google has released new applications in Google Play Store in just a few hours, subject to their policy compliance.However, sometimes malware or malicious applications are spread. But if you keep anti-virus applications and other users have to be safe after reading reviews before downloading any application. Also, the application should not be downloaded and installed from anywhere. Business Insider said that this is an easy method for publishing applications that Android is better than iPhone.

That's 8 reasons why Android is better than iPhone

One of the main restrictions of the iPhone is its default application. Normally you can not set Chrome, Dolphin or others as the default web browser in any way. There is no option to set Gmail as the default app for email. However, on Android you can choose any application as default for any purpose.
That's 8 reasons why Android is better than iPhone

Also, one study found that Fortune 1000 website loading takes Android much less time than iPhone. In fact, high-end Android phones often offer faster internet access than the iPhone (although it is not very applicable for those staying in Bangladesh.)

Not everyone's choice is the same. Right? For Apple users, the word is correct. Everyone used to look at some iPhone. If you want different designs, brands and hardware devices, there is no alternative to the Android ecosystem. Although Windows Phone 8 is based on a number of different brand phones and tablets in the market recently, it is about Android and iPhone. Therefore, if you want a device with exceptional device or different price, then Android will be your target.

There is no lightning or electric-type connector with Android devices! However, the best aspect is that most Android phones use the standard USB cable, one of which is suitable for Normal USB and other head micro-USB ports. It can be seen that you can connect to your phone computer with the cable of any previous device.

You must have seen different widgets on your Android home screen? Weather widget, Facebook widget, Google Drive or Evernote widget etc. These are but really good jobs. At the time of need, the application drawers make it easy to find out the various widgets and shortcuts. Generally, the shortcut launches the whole application, and brings the special feature of the widget to the home screen.If you use some custom ROMs, you can also add different features or widgets to the lock screen. But sadly, this would be deprived of a benefit if you go to iPhone. Because unlocking the lock screen on iPhone, you will find the application drawer from which you need to find the application you need each time.

If you're a hardcore Google fan like me, then the experience of Android will be much better for you. Because Google's own operating system is integral with Google's services very good. On the other hand, Apple has differentiated it from Google as much as possible for its iOS operating system. Google Maps has been removed primarily from the new version. If you are a great fan of Google, then you can enjoy Google services on Android.

 Finally the question will revolve again. Android is the best? The answer depends. There are many things on which the iPhone is better than Android again. They will be posted later with them. However, while keeping an eye on at least one Android phone and iPhone, remember that at a time when compared to a cheap Android and 700 dollar iPhone, do not compare. If you have to compare with iPhone, take a similar high-end Android phone like the price of the iPhone. Many have seen their Galaxy Ace (Ace) or Xperia Mini / Ray have a little problem, "than the iPhone is much better" commented. One thing to remember is that, to reduce prices, the hardware is also to reduce the Android device manufacturers. So it is logical and normal to have low performance in these low-end Android than the 700 dollar iPhone. Now you say, will you take iPhone with a little bit of discount on the above issues, or do you like Android? IPhone users also give your comments.

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