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All new iPhones can have 5G | TechsamirBD

July 31, 2019
All new iPhones can have 5G | TechsamirBD

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says 5G will support 5G in three new iPhone models by 2020. The company may bring three new iPhones next year.

The magnitude of the 5G network is rapidly increasing worldwide. And with it the number of 5G smartphones is increasing in the market. Many people are expecting that 5G support will be brought to the iPhone next year. This time, Ming-Chi Kuo has given his opinion. He has a reputation for giving accurate information about Apple.

Kuo said earlier last month that Apple will bring three new iPhones next year. Of these, there will be 5G support in the 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch models. And the new version of the iPhone X R with a 6.1-inch screen will have only LTE network support. The new iPhone will be replaced by 5G, according to Kuo - news technology site Verge.

Kuo said, "Apple's ability to build a 5G iPhone has grown even more after buying Intel's baseband business", as well as the price of Android 3G phones.

Apple recently acquired the majority of Intel's modem business for $ 1 million. One day after this, Kuo announced this with the 5G iPhone.

Kuo added that most Android phones will have 5G of sub-6GHz version, whereas the MMWave version would have been much faster.

"The point here is that consumers will think that 5G will become an emergency function in 2020. Because of this, Apple will sell 5G mobiles at a higher price, considering the interest of mobile service providers and customers. ”

Kuo added that consumers would like to pay a bit more price to take advantage of Apple's wider 5G network.

The Biography of Sunny Leone | Height | Weight | Age | Husband and More

July 26, 2019
The Biography of Sunny Leone | Height | Weight | Age | Husband and More

There is no end to the joke about Sunny. So much so that his film poster in a bikini look or any update on his Twitter account. All viral at the moment! There is no way to know the truth about him. But he was talking about Sunny Leone. What was Sunny before Sunny became Sunny Leone? How was his life? Let's take a look at some of Sunny's unknown facts:

  •  Was studying to become a pediatric nurse. Then an image from Penthouse Magazine was introduced to the journalist in 2001.
  • His parents admitted him to a Catholic school.
  • Auntie Bush, 2004, cut off her hair to campaign and protested.
  • From the age of 15, she started earning. Get a job at a German bakery.]
  • The guest-starred in 'The Girl Next Door' in 2004. The second film of his life is 'Virtual Vivid Girl Sunny Leone'. He won the AVN Award by doing the film. In pornography that is compared to the Oscars.
  •  His relationship with Matt Erickson, vice president of Playboy Enterprise, developed.
She got married on 20 January 2011. She has Maserati Quattroporte, BMW 7 Series and Audi A5 for her personal use. Sunny Leone height is 5 feet 4 inches in meters 1.63 m and her weight is 58 kg in pounds 128 lbs.
The Biography of Sunny Leone | Height | Weight | Age | Husband and More

The Biography of Sunny Leone | Height | Weight | Age | Husband and More

The Biography of Sunny Leone | Height | Weight | Age | Husband and More

The Biography of Sunny Leone | Height | Weight | Age | Husband and More

Nokia unveils two low-cost feature phones | TechsamirBD

July 26, 2019

Finland-based HMD Global has unveiled two brand new Nokia phones. These are the Nokia 105 and Nokia 220 4G. Nokia 220 will support the fourth-generation network. Sales of both devices will begin next month. The polycarbonate body is used on Nokia 105 phones. The Nokia Series 30 Plus operating device will be available in three different colors. On the other hand, the Nokia 220 4G phone has a completely new design.

Nokia 105 was first released in the market with a 1.45-inch TFT display. The first updated version of the device was released on the market in the 21st. On the other hand, Nokia 220 was released in the market. No further updated version of the device was recovered. While Nokia 220 supports the updated version of  4G, the Nokia 105 will support 2G the device.

Nokia 105 and Nokia 220 4G Price: For the global market, the price of Nokia 105 feature phones has been fixed at 13 euros. The device will begin selling in August. The device can be found in blue, pink and black. HMD Global has not revealed which country will start selling the first device. On the other hand, the price of the Nokia 220 4g is set at 39 euro. The device will start selling in blue and black next month.

Specification of both the devices: Nokia Series 30  Plus operating system-powered Nokia 105 device with 160-120 pixel resolution

There is a 1.77-inch display. For connectivity, the device has a micro USB port, Tuji, and FM radio. The device also has a 3.5-millimeter audio jack. Long battery power will be available on a battery-powered device of 8900 milliampere-hour.

On the other hand, the Nokia 220 has a 160-120 -inch pixel resolution with a decimal 2.4-inch display. The operating system features a micro USB port, Nano-SIM slot, forgery, Bluetooth and VGA camera for connectivity. Its 1200 milliampere-hour battery will guarantee long-term power backup.

Smartphone usage is increasing steadily worldwide. This does not mean that the feature phone is out of date. Capitalizing on such a belief, Nokia brand phone maker HMD Global announced the launch of an Android-powered feature phone last week. That's how it appeared in an online photo.

Various technology sites say, Nokia brand new phone made by HMD Global should look like Nokia 220 model. It will have D-pad, T9 keyboard and other features of the feature phone. The new phone will also have the benefits of Google Assistant. The device will have various voice-controlled features. The picture posted online shows icons on YouTube, Chrome browsers and cameras on the bottom of the device.

According to analysts, if Nokia's Android-powered feature phone is unveiled in reality, that would be great. It is a matter of watching the device which version of Android will run. Of course, HMD Global is already selling Kioso-based phones like the Nokia 8110 4G or 'banana phone'.

How to Unboot Pen Drive?

July 24, 2019
How to unboot Pen Drive?

Pendrive is bootable to install the operating system on the computer at any time, or whenever necessary. Once it is done, it's needs to get back to normal.

But many people do not know how to unboot this bootable pen drive. There are several ways to normalize the bootable pen drive. However, the easiest way to do this is to use Windows Command Promot to unboot it.

So let's not know how to unblock this pen drive.

To unboot the pen drive, you must first connect it to the PC. Then click on 'Command Prompt' from the computer menu and select 'Run as Administrator'.

And if "Command Prompt" is not found directly here, you can find it by going to the search option by typing 'cmd'. Then there will be a black window where you will have to follow the following steps step by step and press the Enter button.

1. Diskpart
2. list disk (After giving this command, a list of the different types of storage on the computer will be displayed and the number will be 1,3,2… next to each one.
3. Select disk X (the X will be replaced with the previous one found in the previous step).
4. clean
5. create partition primary
6. active
7. Format fs = NTFS quick (if Pendrive is older technology write fat32 in place of NTFS)
8. assign
9. Exit

If all the commands are given correctly, all the information inside the pen drive will be deleted and it will be used again for normal operation. Then why delay? Try now at home.

Natural way to increase sexual power !

July 23, 2019
Natural way to increase sexual power

The side effects of medications and psychological treatments to increase sexual power are almost out of date. Nowadays, natural aphrodisiac or sex enhancement diet is considered to be much more effective to increase sexual power. So in order to stay fit for sex in married life, you need to be fully focused on supplying daily food. Because a happy marriage requires a healthy sex life apart from the husband and wife. But it is often seen that due to sexual problems, there is turmoil in the world, even up to divorce. So even if you are careful in advance, you may not face such a situation. No type of medication is needed to boost your sexual energy, it is sufficient to provide daily nutritious food. Put milk, eggs, and honey regularly in your food menu and live a regular life so you do not suffer from sexual weakness.

Natural way to increase sexual power !
Milk is an excellent food to relieve sexual weakness and increase sexual arousal. In the morning, you can not boil eggs for at least 3 days a week. This will solve your sexual weakness.

Natural way to increase sexual power !
Natural foods that are high in animal fat, improve your sex life. For example, pure milk, milk syrup, butter, etc. Most people want to avoid fatty foods. But if you want to increase the number of sex hormones in the body, then a lot of fatty foods are needed. However, all of them have to be natural and saturated fat.

Natural way to increase sexual power !

Everyone knows less about the quality of honey to solve sexual weakness. Therefore, to increase sexual energy, mix 3 spoonfuls of pure honey in a glass of hot water at least 1/4 every week.
Garlic: If you have sexual problems, make it a habit to eat garlic regularly. From time immemorial, the nutritional value of garlic has been widely acknowledged to increase sexual arousal in both men and women and to keep the genitals full. Garlic contains an ingredient called elysine that increases blood flow to the sexual senses.

Natural way to increase sexual power !

Coffee plays an important role in increasing your sexual desire. The caffeine in coffee keeps your sex mood strong.

Natural way to increase sexual power !

Studies have shown that a kind of aromatic compound is emitted from jaywal. Generally, this compound stimulates nerve cells and increases blood circulation. As a result, your sexual desire increases. If you can eat coffee with coffee, then it is possible to get the two together.

Natural way to increase sexual power !

Chocolate has always been associated with love and sex. It contains phenylethylamine (PEA) and serotonin. These two substances are also in our brain. They help to increase sexual tension and energy levels in the body. Anandamide combined with PEA helps to reach orgasm.

Natural way to increase sexual power !

Bananas contain vitamin A, B, C, and potassium. Vitamin B and potassium increase the sex production of the human body. And the bromelain is also in the ring. Which is also helpful in increasing the testosterone levels in the body. And above all, there are plenty of sugars that increase the strength of your body. As a result, sexual intercourse for a long time will not make you tired.

Vitamin C National Fruit:
Natural way to increase sexual power !

If you want to keep sexual health healthy, put colored fruits in your diet list daily. Grapes, oranges, lemons, watermelons, peaches, etc. are very beneficial for enhancing sexual ability. Studies have shown that if a man has at least 20 mg of vitamin C in his daily diet list, his sperm quality improves. The effect of the melon in these results is greater. Many have compared watermelon with the sexually stimulating drug Viagra.]

Natural way to increase sexual power !

Beef contains a lot of zinc. So you eat less fatty beef to make sex life more pleasing. For example, in the beef shoulder, the ranch has less fat and zinc is higher. The meat in these places contains 5 milligrams of zinc per 4 grams.

That six country girls are the most beautiful and sexy!

July 23, 2019
That six country girls are the most beautiful and sexy!

There is no definition of beauty Even then, some of the beauty standards of the world are rewarded by setting standards That are why in some countries, girls are most beautiful? Find out…

1- Best of all Venezuela

Venezuelan girls are the most illuminated meeting of the best beauties The girls from this country in South America have so far won the Miss Universe seven times and the Miss World title six times. Venezuela is the most beautiful country to achieve excellence in the beauty of a total of 5 times

2- America

American girls are far ahead in the power of beauty She has been Miss Universe eight times and Miss World three times The United States is second on the list of most beautiful countries.

3- India

From Rita Faria (1) to Rai Bachchan (1), Diana Hayden (3), Jumukhumi (3) and Priyanka Chopra (25), five Indian beauties have become 'Miss World' so far. 'Miss Universe' has become two - Sushmita Sen (9) and Lara Dutt (25). Is there a way to make the country not the third most undesirable beauties country when the girls of the country have been the best seven times in the competition?

4- Puerto Rico

The beauty of Puerto Rico, a country of only 1,700 sq km, has more fame than the girls of many large and powerful countries in the world. Puerto Rico is the fourth-best beautiful country in the world by winning the Miss World and Miss Universe contests. So far five times Miss Universe and Miss World once have been the six best girls in Puerto Rico.

5-Sweden publishes statistics and comparative reports on just about every topic in the world Sweden is the only country to consider them as the most beautiful country Sweden's girls have won six world titles so far Miss World won three times and Miss Universe 3 three times


How can you determine which country girls are more beautiful? has chosen a very simple yet widely accepted path The countries whose girls have won the Miss World and Miss Universe the most often have been recognized. Britain won sixth place Britain's girls won the Miss World five times so far

Xiaomi Mi A3 Full Specifications and Review | TechsamirBD

July 21, 2019

Xiaomi Mi A3 Full Specifications and Review | TechsamirBD

Xiaomi Mi A3 Full Specifications and Review | TechsamirBD

Xiaomi Mi A3 Full Specifications and Review | TechsamirBD

Xiaomi Mi A3 Full Specifications and Review | TechsamirBD

Xiaomi Mi A3 Full Specifications and Review | TechsamirBD

Facebook offers the opportunity to earn money easily | TechsamirBD

July 19, 2019
Facebook offers the opportunity to earn money easily | TechsamirBD
Many people ask how money can be earned from Facebook? Someone else wants to know, what is the way to earn money on mobile? So long as there was no direct and straightforward answer to this question. But recently Facebook launched an app that can be used to earn money on mobile.

The name of this new Facebook application is the study. This is not a study-related app. The study is a project of Facebook's research project that will give money to users for taking various information. The company will pay the money if the user downloads and installs this app on mobile.
Users of this app will be able to install different types of information on Facebook. And for this, Facebook will pay.

Surprised? So let's talk about more details. The Facebook study program will basically install your phone and get information about your smartphone and various types of apps. Using this information, Facebook's Artificial Intelligence will get an idea about their competitor's app and technology market. In this regard, they will be able to bring their business and bring new products to the market considering the needs of the customers. As a result, their income will increase.

So, installing this app, you can also give them money to take information from you. According to their declared policy, it is much like a "Win-Win Situation".

Although this announcement of Facebook's new Study App's announcement came out, another concept was also brought about with this concept. There they paid money to juvenile juveniles in exchange for Usage data. But for some criticism and technical difficulties, they stopped the program at the beginning of the year.

It is said that the New Study app can be revived. However, money concepts are not new to information. Emma company Survimankee is taking advantage of its surveys to acquire gift cards or credits.

You do not have to do any work in the Study Apps for Income from Facebook. Just install the app and give some permissions, your job is finished.

Installing the app on your phone will collect the following data-

  • There are some apps installed on your phone
  • What time do you spend in an app
  • Your country, device, and network type
  • The activity name of the app, through which any features of the app are used.

But Facebook has very clearly said that they will not collect your user ID, password, photo, video or any type of document from your phone. There will also be an option to set or remove different permissions in the app. According to them, the app is under the control of the customers.

For now, the app is only available for Android devices. Another thing is that only the residents of the United States and India can get the benefit. After registration from the advertisement to their study program, they will send you a link through which the app can be installed.

You must have a PayPal account to withdraw the money earned by the app.

But how much money will be given to Facebook?

Facebook does not yet tell when this income from facebook will be launched in Bangladesh. But as soon as it is introduced in India, it can be expected in Bangladesh that one day it will come. But if you want to earn money online you can see this post to know more ways.

It is now worth seeing how successful the app can be successful in endeavoring to implement its own goals by applying customers. Prior to that, Facebook users using the VPN and Data Saver app by Onawo were facing criticism by collecting user data. Let's see how many classes the Facebook study can pass.

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